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The Friends of the Froth Blowers ; a site dedicated to the memory and preservation of the A.O.F.B., Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers. 

WANTED !  articles, anecdotes,ephemera, information, photos, anything Froth Blower related - Can you help ?

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Happy New Year 2019......Newsletter 52 available - Autumn 2018 - Events Diary for 2019 up .......

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The Friends of the Froth Blowers Website - born January 20th 2006

Born out of the determination and enthusiasm of a couple of likeminded individuals ;  Steve Williams and David Woodhead. My personal thanks go to these two for creating the interest .

Steve Williams is the Secretary of the Pub History Society.
David Woodhead is author of 'The Zestful Gollopers', a definitive tome on the A.O.F.B. Copies of David's booklet are available on eBay or you can contact  David - via e-mail        -     

  Ian Brown   - Webmaster, The Friends of the Froth Blowers . 

Thanks to David Woodhead, Steve Williams, Brian Kilmister, Chris Kilmister, Reg Richardson, Andrew Scott, Robert Easter, Paul Turner, Steve Gane, Michael Maidment, Chris Murray, Jill Roberts, Nicholas Redman, Richard Temple, Bert Temple and Sir Alfred Fripp , apologies to anyone that may have been missed.