A.O.F.B. Special Ranks and Noted High Ranking Members


Bert Temple                                  Bert gave himself the title of No. 0 Honorary Secretary. He was also called the Grand Scribe by others.

Sir Alfred Fripp                             Sir Alfred was Froth Blower No.1 and also Fairy Godfather of the Angelic Order of Fairy Belles.

Mary Temple                                Mary ( Bert’s mother and A.O.F.B director )  was Fairy Belle No.1 and also the Mother Superior  A.O.F.B. 

Lady Margaret Fripp                     Sir Alfred’s wife was the Fairy Godmother of the Angelic Order of Fairy Belles.

Dorothy Roper                              Dorothy was the Gentle Zephyr and Secretary of the A.O.F.B.    

Gladys Roper                                Dorothy’s sister was the Welcome Breeze ( she came to assist Dorothy when the A.O.F.B. really took off )

Miss Winifred Kingaby                 Winifred was the Wee Puff  ( a short term assistant to Dorothy and Gladys Roper ).                

Jack Haes                                     Was the Cloudburst, also given the honorary titles of Chief Froth and Meat Carver.  He was responsible for popularising the A.O.F.B. in the City through the Stock Exchange recruiting in excess of 6,000 members – a feat which makes him a Grand Typhoon several times over.

David Henry Cain                         The Grand Hurricane – editor, then owner, of the Sporting Times newspaper which became the Official Organ and Mouthpiece of the A.O.F.B.  recruited in excess of 10,000 members –  Grand Typhoon many times over.

Harold Stewart Turner                   The Grand Armourer, managing director of the Birmingham Medal Company who manufactured lots of the items of A.O.F.B. regalia. A Grand Typhoon and also once referred to as the Grand Almoner.

Roy Bowerman                             Heraldic Grand Typhoon, was instrumental in A.O.F.B. clothing items, socks and ties etc.

Captain Clarence Moss                 The Sou’West Gale. A Grand Typhoon – although an ex Army man he promoted the A.O.F.B. to the Navy as well as the Army.

Stephen Jolly                                 The Breeze Vertical ( a fine upstanding man ) a Grand Typhoon, founded the Carlton Vat at the Carlton Hotel.

Fred G E Pocock                          The Grand Overseas Scrounger, Fred was an officer onboard the Royal Mail Steamer Edinburgh Castle    operating on the South Africa route. He was A.O.F.B. ambassador to South Africa and recruited of 12,000 members to the A.O.F.B. a Grand Typhoon many times over.

Fred E Harling                               Joint Grand Scrounger ( along with Fred Desborough  ) A Grand Typhoon from the Royston Vat , was one of those responsible for collecting fines and funds at large A.O.F.B. functions especially officers dinners.

Fred Desborough                          Joint Grand Scrounger ( along with Fred E Harling ) A Grand Typhoon from the Shoeburyness No.1 Vat , was one of those responsible for collecting fines and funds at large A.O.F.B. functions especially officers dinners.


The following all attained the rank of Grand Typhoon ( they recruited 1,000 plus members ) and are noted as such.

Mackenzie 'Mac' Savage               Aquarius Vat, London. Mac and Bert grew up together and were lifelong friends. Mac and members of the Aquarius Vat ( at the Metropolitan Water Board in London ) were amongst the first paying members of the A.O.F.B. taking over three quarters of Bert’s first batch of 200 membership cards.

Fred Heck                                     Simpson in the Strand Vat, London. Fred was manager of Simpsons in the Strand eating house .

Captain de Forest Morehouse       Kursaal Vat,  Southend on Sea

Lt. Col Patrick C Saunders           Coombe Wood Golf Club Vat, ‘father’ and organiser of Auto Outings For Bairns.

Mr Wright                                    Garden Vat,   London

Frank Swain                                 Midland Vat,  Midland Hotel ,  New St, Birmingham

George Hughes                             Lome Arms VatLondon

George Kent                                ?

F Pearson-Dutton                         ?

A G Hales                                     Broadstairs Vat,  Railway Tavern,  Broadstairs

R G Marple                                  Sheffield No.1 Vat

H V Flanders                                Tabard Vat,  Bedford

Sydney Goodman                         Theatre Royal Vat , Smethwick

Charles E Varney                          United Services Vat, London

S Melville                                     Ye Olde Foresters Vat, Ascot

John Dracup                                 County Vat,  Bradford 

Colonel BCM Western                 Blue Lagoon Vat,  Durban, South Africa

Berry Hope                                  Leigh-on-Sea No. 1 Vat – also owner of the Teddy Toy Company that produced A.O.F.B. cuddly toys.

Geoffrey Spencer                          ?

Dr. A Gordon Forbes                   Black Gang Vat , Capetown, South Africa

Charles Scullard                           Scullard Vat, Southampton

A E Coleman                               Case is Altered Vat, London

E F Roberts                                 Chelsea Vat ,  London

F J Sharp                                     Brighton Vat

Mr Fred Angier                            ? 

Laidlaw-Gilmour                          Plough Vat, Rotherhithe 

F Gilberthorpe                              Leicester Vat

Charles Scullard                           Scullards Vat, Southampton

A M Pooley                                 Old Hall Vat,  Liverpool

Capt Kettlewell                            P & O New Zealand Cruise Line – given the honorary title A.O.F.B. ambassador to New Zealand

Mrs. M Wetzlar                           Floral Bell Vat, Durban, South Africa. The only female to attain Grand Typhoon status.


              No. 0 and No.1                                                                                
                                   A.O.F.B. founder Bert Temple and Sir Alfred Fripp ( with written dedication by Bert )
                                                     Picture courtesy Richard Temple and the Temple family
                                                                              Hi Res Version here  226 kb


  The Breeze Vertical Stephen Jolly            The Grand Armourer - Hal Stewart Turner
     The Breeze Vertical - Stephen Jolly  ( note the A.O.F.B. tie )                           The Grand Armourer - Hal Stewart Turner

                Picture courtesy of Grandson Andrew Jolly                                         Picture courtesy of daughter Amanda Earnshaw

            Grand Hurricane David Henry Cain                            Cloudburst Jack Haes

                   Grand Hurricane David Henry Cain                                                                 Cloudburst  Jack Haes 

                                                               Both sketches by Ginsbury - taken from the A.O.F.B. annual 


Dorothy Roper - the Gentle Zephyr        Mary Temple - The Mother Superior Blaster and Fairy Belle No.1

     Dorothy Roper - the Gentle Zephyr - A.O.F.B. secretary                                                   Mary Temple ( Bert's Mother ) 
                    Taken from the 
A.O.F.B. annual                                                        The Mother Superior Blaster and Fairy Belle No. 1 
                                                                                                                         Picture courtesy of Richard Temple and the Temple Family.

                                                                      Grand Typhoon Fred Heck - Simpsons Restaurant manager

                                                               Grand Typhoon Fred Heck - manager of Simpsons in the Strand restaurant.

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