Modern day Vats

Sadly the Holly Lane Vat where the F.O.F.B. came to fruition is no more. The venue was taken over, and quite frankly ruined by the new owners, who have done marvels elsewhere with the sports grounds and promoted minority sports mainly of Gaelic and Irish origins. We are looking out for another suitable venue in Birmingham that can become the new F.O.F.B. H.Q.

There are other 'modern day' Vats already set up.

The Swan Inn, Fittleworth was, and will always be Vat no.0 - the birthplace of the A.O.F.B. it should remain as such even without any Vat activity.
Glastonbury Vat - although founder Chris Harding is relocating to the Poole area - we await the setting up of the Dorset Vat.
Phoenix Vat in North West Kent  - not sure how things are as we've heard very little of late.

We have an overseas Vat in Singapore - where F.O.F.B. chairman Dave Woodhead has family and friends and visits occasionally- located at Brewerkz ( Riverside Point ) led by Blaster Robertson and Blower Tang, and Paul Townsend has e-mailed regarding the setting up of another overseas Vat in Dubai - hopefully to be in-augerated in early 2010.

An honorary Vat - the Hat Vat has been instigated at the Peyton Arms in Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire - if you are in the vicinity do drop in to see Mick the Hat - it will be an unforgettable experience - and mention the Froth Blowers to mine host.

News - well an e-mail at least - has reached the F.O.F.B. regarding a group of goodly, albeit eccentric, people from the Prince of Wales public house in Shrivenham, on the outskirts of Swindon. These kindly folk have been raising money for different charities over the years and have recently formed their own 'Shrivenham Vat', after seeing the article on the A.O.F.B. / F.O.F.B in the Chap Magazine . They loosely follow the the ideals and rituals of A.O.F.B. meetings and have been holding meetings whilst wearing fancy dress - the Master Blower being publican Mike Binyon ably backed up by Vice Gargler Richard Hancock, who just happens to be the local vicar. Here are some photo's of the said good folks of Shrivenham .
Click here for pictures from the Shrivenham Vat

In September 2011 a contingent of the usual F.O.F.B.s set out northwards on the Midlands on an outing to North Wales to the Blue Bell Inn in Halkyn Flintshire. A great day was had and the Blue Bell Vat was formed.

The South East of England continues to be a hotbed of F.O.F.B. activity with  modern day Vats at the Grove Tavern  Tunbridge Wells and the Watermill Vat at Burgess Hill. Both Vats are active regularly holding meetings and raising funds for charity - keep up the great work.
Vat Steward Bob Oliver writes in September 2019 that the Watermill Vat is no more, replaced by FOFB Sussex  Vats :
The Sussex contingent of the Friends of the Frothblowers started up at The Watermill Inn, Burgess Hill in 2014. It has since expanded its reach across Sussex with regular meetings in Lewes and Brighton. It has an active social calendar with full details available on its own web site and Facebook page. Regular annual events now include a “Summer Seaside Sup” in June around Brighton and a popular Micro Pub Crawl by train from West Worthing to Hove in August. Regular “Out Meetings” are held across the County throughout the year. Members are asked to pay  a one off fee of £5 and receive an enamelled badge based on the original AOFB Blaster design. Members also attend official meetings at our adopted VATs, including Quench Bar, Burgess Hill; The Brewers Arms. Lewes; and The Fiddlers Elbow Brighton to plan our future events and also help raise money for local charities. Members are kept up to date through occasional e mails.
The FOFB Sussex contingent have now reached a fantastic 39 members and is still growing and have their own website FOFB Sussex Vats.   FOFB Sussex on Facebook.

October 8th 2011 saw the Sixth Annual Re-Union of the F.O.F.B. at the Red Lion , Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. where there was a convalescence home, Rosedale House ( now called Blackstone House ) , which was used by the A.O.F.B. - more can be read here.  There was a very warm welcome from landlady Sue Robson and assembled F.O.F.B's chatted, lunched and drank in moderation. Sue Robson was declared a Fairy Belle and presented with a wristlet, and the honourary Red Lion Vat  formed.


Apologies if there are any modern day Vats I've missed - drop me a line - let me know - there plenty of room here to list them.

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