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How it all began                                    an article from the Sporting Times August 7th 1926


Bert Temple and the Fittleworth Vat      an article by David L Woodhead


The Swan Inn Plaque Wetting                an account of the F.O.F.B.wetting the plaque by David L Woodhead.   


Auto Outings for Bairns                        newspaper accounts of the day.  Jan 2007 


In search of the Froth Blowers              Steve Wilson's quest to seek out the Vats and any possible memorabilia.

                                                                             Diarised journal format.  June 2007

 The Chap Magazine                                    A Steve Wilson article on the A.O.F.B. published in the Chap magazine June/July issue .  Oct 2009


The Life & Times of a
North East Wales Master Blower
          The story of AOFB Member Henry Darbyshire by David Rowe.   Dec 2010

Ye A.O.F.B. - the Sotwell Connection  The story of the A.O.F.B.'s links to Brightwell-cum-Sotwell   Oct 2011

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