F.O.F.B. Events Diary

Where requested it is advisable to register attendance intention - just in case there are any last minute changes - it also helps plan future events - ensuring venues are suitable and large enough.

Here is the diary for the Pub History Society - associated to the Friends of the Froth Blowers.

Tuesday 17th March 2020        Dave the Chain nearly 80 Birthday Tipple
                                              17:00 onwards in the Wellington, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham

Saturday 21st March 2020        Brum Trudge from around 13:00
                                               Bartons Arms, Newtown to the Wellington, Bennets Hill

TBA                                      Plaque Wetting session  at the Swan Inn, Fittleworth.
                                      from  at the Swan Inn  
Lower Street, Fittleworth, RH20 1EN

TBA                                 1th Annual Reunion / gathering of the Friends of the Froth Blowers  

It is with sadness that David Rowe is having a well needed break and 'retiring' from his talk and lecture circuit.

Thanks David for spreading the word and bringing the memory of the AOFB to so many.
David informs me that he will spend more of his time putting together another book.

F.O.F.B.  David Rowe has a new book out 'The A-Z of Curious Flintshire' featuring an article on the A.O.F.B. under 'Y' .
The book is available to order now from :  http://www.thehistorypress.co.uk/index.php/the-a-z-of-curious-flintshire-pb.html

A-Z of Curious Flintshire

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