A.O.F.B. inspired drawings and cartoons

  Heath Robinson cartoon
W Heath Robinson cartoon - A.O.F.B. initiation - from the Membership book of Ritual

Bonzo Cartoon by George Studdy.

A George Studdy, A.O.F.B. Bonzo special - the froth is cotton wool.

Picture courtesy of Richard Fitzpatrick who has a site dedicated to G E Studdy and Bonzo.
http://www.bonzo.me.uk/    Richard writes -
The actual item is 11" x 7.25", printed on a slightly textured paper & mounted onto a thick stiff card.
I think it may have been a calendar, as there are two pasted tapes on the back - top & bottom - where
you can see evidence of a ribbon attached, one for a loop at the top & two strips at the bottom
(which I've seen before for attaching a free-hanging calendar). Also on the bottom tape is printed
"By Official Permission of Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers. Printed by Valentine & Sons, Ltd., Dundee."
I don't know the exact date for this, but would guess around 1930.

McEwan the Scot

G L Stampa cartoon ' McEwan' - from the Membership book of Ritual

John Bull blowing froth

G L Stampa cartoon of John Bull blowing froth - from the Membership book of Ritual.

GL Stampa cartoon

G L Stampa cartoon - anti prohibitionist

A.O.F.B. the worlds Cheeriest Charity

            A cartoon depicting the Wee Waifs the A.O.F.B. chief beneficiaries 

Daddy - What does AOFB stand for ?
Cartoon from the FrothBlowers Annual

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Cartoon from the Frothblowers Annual

Embarrassment of forgetting the cufflinlks

Cartoon from the Frothblowers Annual

Varmer Giles Bullseye

Cartoon from the Frothblowers Annual.

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