A.O.F.B. Tankards

There were several different types of tankard produced ; E.P.N.S. tankards by the Birmingham Medal Co., pewter tankards by Liberty under the Tudric brand and ceramic tankards by the Ashteads Potters.

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Birmingham Medal Company.

The E.P.N.S. tankards by the Birmingham Medal Co and was priced at 25/- ( £1 5 shillings , £1.25 decimal) for a pint pot and 15/- ( 15 shillings , 75p decimal ) for a half pint pot . The tankards had the A.O.F.B. cufflinks "welded on" and could have a badges of rank (if eligible) added for a shilling ( 5p decimal). The Birmingham Medal Co. also offered an engraving service for the tankards at 1d per large letter and 9d per dozen for smaller letters.

Birmingham Medal Co. manufactured tankards - photos courtesy of Paul Turner


Pint Tankard of Tornado BP Fowler                      Half pint tankard of Norman Turner

The underside of the tankard showing detail enamelling.


Tankard of Monsoon Geoffrey Clayton . This truly unique tankard has the cufflinks, fairy belle band, 
blaster badge, tornado badge, monsoon badge and dog collar soldered on.

Pictures courtesy of Mike Maidment


Monsoon tankard of Jack Simms of the The N. & M. Club Vat ( Naval & Military Club Vat ) Southend on Sea
Tankard of Monsoon Jack Simms
Click here for a hi-res version   100 kb

Half pint tankard of HJ Bensley with pint tankard of T.M.
Pintof T.M.  and half pint tankard of HJ Bensley
Click here for a hi-res version   336 kb


Liberty's produced pewter tankards under their Tudric trademark.

Picture courtesy of Brian Kilmister
Click here for a hi-res version   60 kb

Ashtead Potters 

Ceramic tankards were manufactured by the Ashtead Potters. They were available in 2 different sizes, 3 designs, standard ( J32 ) at one pint and a third 
( a pint for beer, a third for the froth ) and the larger Blaster ( J33 ) and Tornado ( J34 ) sizes at 2 pints ( quart pot ).

Pictures of the standard J32 reproduced by kind permission of ashteadpottery.com 

View showing the Blaster badge on the J33 and size comparison to the J32 standard pot

Standard J32 with the Blaster J33 quart pot

Click here for a hi-res version   415 kb

View showing the Tornado J34 version - personalised to Harold Fox with Standard J32 personalised J.H.W.

Tornado J34 pot of Harold Fox

Click here for a hi-res version   976 kb

Interestingly both Ashtead Potters and the Birmingham Medal Co. employed large numbers of ex-servicemen (many disabled with injuries from the Great War) in the manufacture of the goods. One tale involving the Ashtead Potters concerns two lifelong friends, who grew up together and served together in the Great war, both sustaining injuries. One lost a limb and the other had a severe impediment. They worked for Ashtead Potters, one throwing the clay and the other working the treadmill as they could not produce the pottery by themsleves. 

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