A.O.F.B. inspired drinking Vessels

The following items are all A.O.F.B. inspired although not officially sanctioned drinking vessels.

Crown Devon musical Tankard
A musical tankard made by Crown Devon - although a pint vessel it holds around 2/3 of a pint due to the musical mechanism in the base.
The music starts when the tankard is lifted and plays the Frothblowers Anthem - The More we are Together.

John Carnabys glasses - Parrs Head Vat London             John Carnaby circa 1907
                       A couple of glasses belonging to John Carnaby landlord and founder of the                           Parrs Head Vats' John Carnaby 
                       Parrs Head Vat, Camden Town, London.  The glasses are not quite half a pint.
Pictures courtesy of Johns grandson, John Carnaby

J L Addison Personal Glass
Glass belonging to J L Addison of the Crown, Erith, a nice engraved jolly brewer mascot
Picture courtesy of  Ken Chamberlain.

    Trench Art tankard - made from a brass shell case

Trench Art tankard - made from a brass shell case - from the Cleopatra Vat in Egypt.


Baron Rabbits' mug

A crock pint mug - made for Baron Rabbit from the Angel vat, Godalming.

Picture courtesy of David Woodhead.

F Lloyd Page Mug

Crock pint mug of F Lloyd Page - has the Slogan - If there's anything better than a pint it's a quart .

Picture courtesy of David Woodhead

Hammered pewter Golf Trophy

Pewter pint tankard 'Golf Trophy' from an A.O.F.B. golf tournament, held at Sand Moor Golf Club Leeds 20th March 1927.

McCoys Froth Blower tankard
Froth Blower tankard made by McCoys

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