A.O.F.B. Sporting Trophies

The following trophies are undoubtedly one off items, awarded for sporting prowess in A.O.F.B. held competitions.

A lovely e-mail reached the F.O.F.B. in July 2017. Brenda Mathews wrote regarding an A.O.F.B. handkerchief and to inform of a membership handbook she had obtained.
Brenda went onto to relate of an A.O.F.B. trophy she was told about when addressing an East Sussex W.I. several years ago.

The trophy belongs to the daughter of the recipient of the trophy, Victor Leslie Freeman, who was known as Leslie and consequently often had his initials around 'the wrong way'.
The trophy was awarded for a Motorcycle and Sidecar reliability trial on 30th April 1927 contested by members of the North London Motorcycle Club.
 The trophy consisting of a car mascot creatively mounted atop a radiator cap and mount, on a trophy base.

The inscription reading :
 The Froth Blowers Trophy
Awarded for the Best Performance in the
A.O.F.B. Open Reliability Trial  April 30th 1927
Won by L.V. Freeman  ( 976 Matchless S/C )

Motorcycle Trophy

Trophy side profile   Trophy rear profile
Pictures courtesy of the owners family (via Brenda) .

     Pewter pint tankard 'Golf Trophy' from an A.O.F.B. golf tournament, held at Sand Moor Golf Club Leeds 20th March 1927.

Hammered pewter Golf Trophy          

A Newspaper clipping from the Yorkshire Evening Post on the Golf Competition.

Newspaper clipping from the Yorkshire Evening Post on the Golf competition

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