The Piffle Snonker

The Piffle Snonker (aka the pavior's beetle) was one of the working tools and implements for the VATS. The sceptre like Piffle Snonker is around 20 inches / 52 cm long made of brass or nickel plated heavy metal with the A.O.F.B. jolly brewer sat atop of a barrel, the jolly brewer being a motorcycle mascot.  They were made by the Birmingham Medal Co. and were priced at 21/- (21 shillings , 1.05 decimal).

                    Piffle Snonker               Piffle Snonker advert

                                                              Piffle Snonker                                                                                                                       Birmingham Medal Company catalogue entry for the Piffle Snonker

The Piffle Snonker is made up of several component parts, easily assembled

Disassembled Piffle Snonker

                             Manufacturing at BM Co.

Birmingham Gazette from 6th April 1927 showing a Mascot a Piffle Snonker under manufacture at the Birmingham Medal Company.

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