Froth Blower film clips 

The Pathe website has been altered many times since  these pages were originally written. 

The two Pathe Frothblower related cartoons;  The Froth Blowers Nightmare (around 3mb) and Jerry the troublesome Tyke (around 4.4mb) have from time to time been viewable online - at other times only available to view through registration.

As of September 2009 the cartoons were available to view online again - very watchable with improved quality over the early releases, albeit with the obligatory banner on the bottom of the film clip.

More recently they have been made available on Youtube, with improved quality and without banners.

The Froth Blowers Nightmare -AOFB Cartoon 

Jerry The Troublesome Tyke - Jerry plays golf

The Froth Blowers Charity Football Match      A charity fundraising match at West Ham United's Boleyn Ground in  1927

Auto Outings for Bairns Empire Day Outing 1927    An Empire Day outing to Maidenhead and the Skindles Vat.

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