Froth Blower Cartoons from Pathe.

The Pathe website has been altered many times since  these pages were originally written. 

Thee two Frothblower related cartoons;  The Froth Blowers Nightmare (around 3mb) and Jerry the troublesome Tyke (around 4.4mb) have from time to time been viewable online - at other times only available to view through registration.

As of September 2009 the cartoons are available to view online again - very watchable with improved quality over the early releases, albeit with the obligatory banner on the bottom of the film clip.

The Froth Blowers Nightmare - launches from the Pathe Website

Jerry The Troublesome Tyke - launches from the Pathe Website

The video clips were available for purchase at one time but that page has been removed unles sit is only available after registration.

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