Other A.O.F.B. Items

The multitude and diversity of items of merchandise available is staggering. Many of the items have probably not survived the ravages of time or were simply used up as intended, such as toilet soap, shaving cream and A.O.F.B. branded cigars and cigarettes. 

This is probably not a comprehensive list but items include dress waistcoat buttons , VAT Oast boxes, wee waifs song and musical score, the Froth Blowers waltz sheet music, silk ties, pennants, yacht burgees, corkscrew, match stands, 3 types of ashtray,  special award Medallions, Carltonware, pipe, clay pipe, Dogs collar badge, pipe tobacco, socks, Christmas cards, 4 different cigarette cases, postcards, ladies silver pencil, cigarette box, cigar box, trays, gavel and block, plaques, advertising pint tankards (beer mats), sporting trophies, Bill of Fare menus, Cot plaques ( for hospital beds ). The were also quite a selection of Fairy Belle items including, glass powder jar, vanity box, powder box, powder bowl, and shingle brush and combs.


 A.O.F.B. Pennant illustration from the Membership booklet

A.O.F.B. tie , Illustration from the membership book.,

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