Dashboard Plaque


It was common practice in the 1920's to have dashboard plaques attached to cars, sometimes advertising the Garage that sold the vehicle, but more commonly at St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers. The Birmingham Medal Co. made an Auto Outings for Bairns St Christopher dashboard plaque, certainly not a mass produced item.  The enamelled St Christopher itself is of French manufacture which has ben incorporated into a set of wings.

Click here was a hi-res version ( 884kb)

As of October 2017 only two examples have come to light, the one pictiored above and another with some damage to the enamelling on the St Christopher.

It was most likely attached to the car dashboard of one of the top A.O.F.B. officers, possibly the Auto Outings for Bairns founder Grand Typhoon Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Cornelius Saunders O.B.E or possibly even founder Bert Temple's Armstrong Siddely. 

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