Badges of Rank 

The badges were awarded for recruiting new members to the cause, they could not be purchased.

To become a Blaster 25 members were needed to be recruited 
Tornado             - 100 members 
Monsoon           - 500 members 
Grand Typhoon  - 1000 members  - these were gold cufflinks, or a gold cufflink badge.

            Blaster Badge                                                Tornado badge                                               Monsoon badge   

       Silver with blue enameling                        Silver with red and blue enameling                  Silver with amber and blue enameling

Blaster badge                      

Picture courtesy of Brian Kilimister                 Picture courtesy of Steve Gane                   Picture courtesy of Robert Easter

Early Blaster and Tornado badges of Rank were enamel on solid silver - later badges were EPNS silver plate on brass, the materials used for the monsoon badges are not confirmed, but to date, only silver have been seen .

Blaster , Tornado and Monsoon badges - shown actual size.
Blaster, Tornado and Monsoon badges - actual size

Click here for a hi-res version   160kb

High ranking members had their badges displayed on a medal bar, although these were smaller in size than singular badges. 


             Badge Bar of Monsoon W.O. Hilderley                                      Comparison of badge bar to badges 
Pictures courtesy of Steve Gane


Grand Typhoon Mac Savage Medal Bar
Badge Bar of Grand Typhoon  Mackenzie 'Mac' Savage.
Click here for a hi-res version   440kb

Mac Savage Medal Bar in original case

Mac Savage Medal Bar in original Box ( shown actual size )

Click here for a hi-res version in original box   879kb

Mac Savage was a life long friend of Bert Temple's, and oversaw the Aquarius Vat in London. The Aquarius was the Vat of the Metropolitan Water Board in Rosebery Avenue, interestingly they provided 75% of the original first 200 memberships of the AOFB.

The badges were manufactured by the Birmingham Medal company who also offered to have them "welded" on to the AOFB silver plated tankards for a charge of 1/- ( one shilling , 12 old pence { 5 new pence}  )  provided the person had attained that rank. 

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