The Ancient Order Of Froth Blowers Anthem.

The A.O.F.B. Anthem is based around a traditional Austrian folk tune from around 1768. The original song " Ach du Lieber Augustin" tells the story of Augustin who consumes too much wine and passes out at the side of the road during the great plague. He is mistaken for a dead man and loaded onto a cart with plague dead, only to wake up in the mortuary later startling the attendants.

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There were lots of versions of the anthem released over such a short period of time - testament to the songs popularity.

This list is far from complete - many versions have not yet been found but are known to exist.

Clarkson Rose version

Fred Gibson version

Jack Charman version

Talbot O'Farrell version

Harry Bidgood version

Bert Firman version

Geoffrey Gelder version

Alfredo version

Stan Greening version

Jay Whidden version

Ronnie Munro version

Leo Mathison and Victor Cornelius version

Nat Shrilket Victoria Orchestra version

Russ Morgan version

Savoy Orpheans version

Harry Reser Jazz Pilots version

Harry Reser Orchestra version

BA Rolfe and His Palais D'Or Orchestra

Six Jumping Jacks with Tom Stacks version

Billy Mayerl version

Victor Sterling version

The A.O.F.B. also inspired a music hall song called ' I'm one of the Old Froth Blowers ' by Nat Travers.

Nat Travers

        I'm one of the Old Froth blowers Lyrics

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